Project Description

8 Horse Transporter

The 8 Horse Olympic lorry is a purpose-built and designed transport lorry. With full height partitions and headboards (standard with all our lorries) we can arrange the lorry to best suit your horse. It offers both forward-facing and herringbone layouts.

This lorry is ideal for travelling a wide range of horses in one load. We can have mares separated from stallions, with the front section consisting of three forward-facing stalls, and the rear of 5 side facing.

As with all of our lorries, the internal layout can be changed to suit any given load, although this can sometimes result in a reduction of capacity.

  • Capacity of up to 8 horses forward-facing or in herringbone formation

  • Low Emission Zone Compliant

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring with Cooling Fans

  • Satellite Navigation

  • Fully adjustable air suspension, allowing us to lower the vehicle, giving it a lower ramp angle

External View

Internal View

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